„Outlander“ season 5 takes Zwillingem

"Outlander" season 5 can look forward to sweet new signing: For the new episodes, two young brothers were occupied. Since they are twins, it has sparked many a discussion in the Outlander fandom.

If you are familiar with the novels of Diana Gabaldon, you should be aware immediately when it was announced that "Outlander" has occupied twins for Season 5. Fresh wind on the farm of Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan)? After all, there are in the novel "The flaming cross" - which serves as a template for the next season - two very famous brothers: the twins Josiah and Keziah Beardsley. They also accompany us in the following novels and should therefore also become interesting secondary characters in the TV series. Unfortunately, the casting news has nothing to do with Jo and Kezzie, as a look at a photograph of the occupied twins shows, which are clearly too young for the Beardsley twins.